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During the Reformation, Protestants condemned the celebration of Christmas as “the trumpets of the pope” and “the devil’s rage” [desirably] that the Roman Catholic Church responded in a more religious way. He spoke by promoting this holiday. During the English Civil War, the victory of the next parliamentarian, King Charles I, banished the Puritan rulers of England in 1647 at Christmas. Before Christmas, there were riots in several cities and weeks. Decorate the doors with Holi and call the realists. [29] The English restoration of Charles II. The ban ends in 1660, but many clerics still reject the Christmas festivities.

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In colonial America, pilgrims from New England refused Christmas; His function was declared illegal in Boston, Massachusetts from 1659 to 1681. At the same time, the Christian inhabitants of Virginia and New York celebrated this holiday. Christmas began after the American Revolution in the United States, when it was considered an English custom. In fact, one of the greatest successes of American revolutionaries was immortalized by the invasion of Hessian mercenary troops during the Trenton War for Christmas. From 1820, the denominational tension in England began to diminish and British writers feared that Christmas would fade away. In particular, the author William Winstonle has once again played an important role in the popularization of this festival. The Tudor period was created as a moment of sincere Christmas joy to relive the holidays of the effort.

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Published in 1843 in Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens played an important role in transforming Christmas into a vacation, focusing on family, goodwill and community celebrations, as well as the greatest kindness. [31] Among Irving’s many Washington Waving news, people’s interest in Christmas has increased in the United States. These stories were published in his book The Sketch Book by Geoffrey Crayon and “Old Christmas” and partly by Clement Clarke Moore (or perhaps Henry Beekman Livingston) from 1822. A visit to St. Nicholas A visit to St. -Nicolas (famous first series: The night before Christmas) appeared in the poems. Regarding the celebrations of love and simplicity in England with the stories of Irving. Although there is some logic, Irving, introduced by Parampearan himself, has been influenced by his American readers [32]. The visit of a poetry of San Nicolás began to present itself to the people. Economic importance of the exchange of seasonal gifts and Christmas shopping. [33] In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book “The First Christmas in New England” from 1850: Who says about Christmas loses its original half on Christmas shopping. [34] In 1870, Christmas was legally a federal holiday at Ulipses S. Grant Declared.

Santa and other recipients
The first drawing of Thomas Nast’s Santa Claus during the Civil War, Harper’s Weekly, first published in 1863

Santa Gifts Offers
Occupation of Western culture, where holidays are supposed to offer gifts to friends and family. There are gifts in the image of Santa Claus (also known as Christmas, Father San Nicolás or San Nilos, Synterclass Chris Kringle, Santa Claus, Joulupukki Babbo Natale, Santa Claus Kaiserias Basil and Death Moroz (Father Christmas)


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The famous image of Santa Claus was created by the American cartoonist Thomas Knist (1840-1902), of German origin, who created a new image every year from 1863. In 1880, Nass, whom we now call “Father Christmas “, becomes an image. The identity of the image was standardized by advertisers in the 1920s. [35]

The Santa Claus in front of the image of Santa Claus was used for the first time in the fifteenth century, but it is only during holidays and drunkenness [36] that he reconstructs his image in Victorian Britain to obtain the image of the French Santa, who also works. At the feet of a saint In Italy, it is said that Babbo Natale behaves like a saint while laughing. T added that La Befana had announced that Eve had sent her leg to make toys for little Jesus Lane, who had now left her on the street. She takes presents for all the children. There are also some Kunit Rupretit or Black Peter cultures with Santa Claus. In other versions, Apsaras makes toys. His wife’s name is Mrs. Claus.

After the Latin American traditions (like Venezuela, which happ

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ened today), Santa Claus makes the tree and gives it to the child, d

Good mindset

Savitri’s husband was moved to see the lilies of a large amount of clay: “In Deepawali, I do not have time to get back from the work of the house and, from above, they have installed many lamps. ” According to you, give more lights. This will come when more lamp will be burned. Hey, the more fun I have, how long do I have to eat?

In this regard, the husband calmly replied: “Oh, good luck! Why do you shout needlessly? Lamp as much as you want.I bought so that if there is not a lot in the house today in the lamp of the seller, then at least two lamps will burn. ”

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Savitri felt that the word “Ochhee mentality” used by her husband for her husband involuntarily turned into an “integral mentality” when she heard her words in her husband’s mouth. He forgot the problem and kept Mom’s lamps in a safe place.

-Look Jain, India
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