Good mindset

Savitri’s husband was moved to see the lilies of a large amount of clay: “In Deepawali, I do not have time to get back from the work of the house and, from above, they have installed many lamps. ” According to you, give more lights. This will come when more lamp will be burned. Hey, the more fun I have, how long do I have to eat?

In this regard, the husband calmly replied: “Oh, good luck! Why do you shout needlessly? Lamp as much as you want.I bought so that if there is not a lot in the house today in the lamp of the seller, then at least two lamps will burn. ”

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Savitri felt that the word “Ochhee mentality” used by her husband for her husband involuntarily turned into an “integral mentality” when she heard her words in her husband’s mouth. He forgot the problem and kept Mom’s lamps in a safe place.

-Look Jain, India
Sincerely, “Characters”